Bible study

Beware of Strange Fires: A Lesson On The Fire Of God

"Beware of Strange Fires" is a Bible study that emphasizes the importance of approaching God with reverence, highlighting His holiness. It uses the story of Nadab and Abihu from Leviticus 10 to illustrate the dangers of deviating from God's commands in worship. The study compares God's nature to the characteristics of fire, such as illumination and purification, and addresses modern issues like consumer Christianity and the prosperity gospel. It stresses the need for adhering to God's ways, avoiding presumption, and understanding our roles in God's kingdom. The study concludes with a call for deep engagement with Scripture and reliance on the Holy Spirit for discernment to avoid spiritual deceptions and maintain a true relationship with God.
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Meet the instructor

Dr. Sharla Walker

Dr. Sharla Walker is an esteemed pediatric nurse practitioner, the internationally recognized host of the Rx For Purpose Podcast, CEO of Rx For Purpose, and a catalyst for empowering women to live purposeful lives in Christ. With a passion for filling the gaps in available resources, she launched the podcast in 2019, which gained global recognition and charted in numerous countries, addressing the need for clarity, cultural relevance, and sound Christian doctrine. Driven by her extensive expertise as a nurse practitioner and her commitment to spiritual growth, she obtained a doctorate of nursing practice and a certificate in Biblical studies, solidifying her ability to guide women towards total life transformation and success through Christ. As the visionary leader of Rx For Purpose, Dr. Sharla Walker continues to inspire and uplift women worldwide, fostering a community dedicated to prioritizing spiritual health and overall well-being.
Patrick Jones - Course author