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Be a Trailblazer: Your Voice Shapes Our Future!

Your journey, your challenges, your triumphs—they all matter to us. Help influence our evolution and make our new platform a sanctuary for every woman of color on her spiritual quest.

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters

What Is A Focus Group?

A focus group is a research method where a small, diverse group of people engage in a facilitated discussion to provide feedback on a particular subject, product, or service. In our case, your insights will help shape the future of an exciting new platform dedicated to faith-based personal development.By participating, you'll get an exclusive sneak peek into upcoming features and the opportunity to influence their development. Your experience and feedback will play a crucial role in ensuring that we meet the real-world needs and desires of our community.

It's a win-win! You help us refine and improve, and in return, you get to be part of something truly transformative!

Why Participate?

Your voice matters, and this is your chance to amplify it. By joining our focus group, you'll be part of a curated community eager to elevate faith-based personal development to new heights. You'll have the unique opportunity to shape the services and products designed to empower you on your journey toward spiritual, emotional, and personal growth.
  • Direct Influence: Play a key role in shaping the future of faith-based personal development resources.
  • First Access: Get an exclusive preview of new courses, features, and initiatives before they go live.
  • Community Connection: Engage with like-minded individuals, fostering a community that shares your values and goals.
  • Expert Insights: Be among the first to receive expert advice and strategies designed to nurture your spiritual, emotional, and personal growth.
  • Gifts & Incentives: Enjoy special perks, including early-bird access, exclusive content, and even some surprise goodies.
  • Be Heard: Your feedback will not just be heard; it will be acted upon. Make a meaningful impact by sharing your thoughts and experiences.
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step-by-step instructions

How Do You Participate?


Register for the Focus Group

First things first, sign up through our secure online form. Once you complete this step, you're officially on your way to joining our focus group community.
select your session

Multiple Times Available To Fit Your Schedule

After you've registered, you'll be directed to select the session that best fits your schedule. Make sure you register and mark your calendar!
Complete the survey

Focus Group Survey

To ensure our time together is as valuable as possible, we've designed preparatory tasks. These tasks guide us in tailoring a session uniquely suited to your spiritual wellness needs, making every minute of your participation impactful.

Why Complete Them?
Completion of these tasks provide us with critical insight to help us build resources that actually fit the needs of those we serve. Completion of the survey also maximizes the amount of time we will have for the live focus group. 

Incentives Await
After completing the focus group survey, you will immediately be provided with access to your free course and discount code. Attendance a single live focus group session is required for the remaining gifts. 
pull up on us!

Attend Your Scheduled Focus Group Session 

This is it—the main event! Join us for a live, interactive focus group where you'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts, hear from others, and get all the tea on what we've been cooking up here at Rx For Purpose. All you'll need is a stable internet connection and a quiet space.
Receive your participation incentives 

Our Way To Say "Thank You"

We understand that your time is valuable. As our thank you for your participation we are giving our focus group incentive package.  This package includes: 
  • Free course "How To Navigate God's Word For Your Business" (value $197)
  • An exclusive discount code for "Sis, Pick Up Your Sword" Bible Study Bundle 
  • Exclusive invitation to our 'Innovators Circle'. Being a member of our innovators circle will give you direct access to our development team. Innovators get priority consideration for courses and resources to be developed based on their needs.**

** Participants must complete both the survey and live focus group attendance to receive this incentives.

Focus Group FAQs 

How will the focus group be conducted?

The focus group survey is self-paced. Participants simply watch the overview video and answer the corresponding questions.

The live focus group will be conducted via Zoom. We kindly ask that you arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time as we will be starting promptly. Complete, active participation is required in order to receive bonus incentives.

How long will the focus group session last?

The focus group survey should take respondants no longer than 45 minutes to complete. 

The focus group session is designed to be efficient and is expected to last about one hour. To ensure a rich discussion, please complete the pre-session exercise before joining.

Will the incentives be based on if I give favorable answers?

No, the incentives are not tied to the nature of your feedback. We value - and are requesting - your honest opinions and insights, whether they're positive or constructive. 

Most answers for the focus group will be submitted anonymously so participants feel comfortable and confident to share unfiltered feedback.

 What happens if I miss my live session?

No worries! We understand life happens. If you miss the session you initially signed up for, simply attend one of our alternate sessions that align with your schedule.

Participants are requested to only attend and participate in one full session. Please do not sign up for additional sessions. 

Innovate with us! Join our focus group!